CV-19 Business Strategy Caller Information

Disclosure: By completing this form and having a discussion with Focus Law, or Its attorneys in the COVID-19 Strategy Session, it DOES NOT establish an attorney-client relationship between you and Focus Law or its attorneys

Further Disclosure:  Although Focus Law is a law firm and its attorneys are California licensed attorneys, we are NOT your attorneys. We are your business advisors or strategists for the COVID-19 Strategy Session.

Further Disclosure:  COVID-19 strategy session is not intended for legal consultation. If you are interested in retaining Focus Law as your attorney, we love to have the discussion about hiring Focus Law as your attorney after the COVID-19 strategy session. Please be advised that our representation of you does not commence until we receive a signed Attorney Retainer/Fee Agreement and payment of initial retainer when you decide to hire our firm as your attorney.

Important:  Nothing in our statements to you made during the COVID-19 strategy session will be construed as a promise, or guarantee about the outcome of the matter, or feasibility of the transaction. We make no such promises or guarantees. Our comments about the outcome of the matter are expressions of opinion only.