What happens to your child with disabilities if they aren't in an adequate special education program or receiving the right services? And what are the outcomes for children with disabilities who graduate without adequate education or vocational skills, or functional communication or behavioral skills? 

Unfortunately, the outlook is grim, as most people with disabilities who are not educated to their maximum abilities live in poverty as adults--and or more segregated than other populations. 

If you are concerned about your child's current educational program and how best to maximize it to their benefit, you need to schedule a GPS Special Education Roadmap© Meeting. This is a 1:1 meeting with me where I block off one full hour of my time to talk to you about your child's current educational placement and program, their current disability and educational needs, discuss the things that are keeping you up at night, discuss your wants and dreams for your child and what is realistic given their current educational programming. I will give you a plan for advocating for your child yourself. If you feel you need more help, I will give you options for full legal representation and working with me. 

I do find that most parents just need a yearly check-in to make sure they are on the right track with their child because they have already learned how to be great advocates (they have had to!). However, sometimes things change with a school administration or placement or child's needs, and some years they need legal assistance. 

Check your email twice before submitting, because this is the email where you will receive a calendar invitation request. 

  • All meetings occur at our Highland Park office. 
  • Some evening and weekend hours are available because we understand the limitations of a caregiver's schedule. 

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